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plutus coin
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If you are familiar with the Plutus Card, you should also be familiar with Plutus Coin. Plutus coin or the Pluton token (PLU) is the product of the Plutus Decentralized finance platform.

Every cryptocurrency serves a particular purpose; that is, they hold a store of value, like Bitcoin or have the agenda of serving the community with CLU coin, or simply exist as a meme coin, aka our beloved DogeCoin.

Plutus coin was born to serve as a way to redeem cashback on the Plutus Debit card. Promises you a 3% return guarantee on transactions using the Plutus card, in the form of PLU, that can be traded or exchanged for other gift vouchers.

This means you may charge your contactless balance with Plutons exactly as you would with BTC on the Bitcoin blockchain, with the bonus of no fees and rapid conversions.

History of Pluton (PLU)

Pluton (PLU) is an Ethereum token founded by Danial Daychopan and Co-founder Jasper Tay. Pluton (PLU) powers the Plutus crypto debit card and decentralized exchange. With forty years of experience, team Plutus has a blended payment, financial trade, and software development. 20,000,000 PLU tokens are their maximum supply. Danial published December 13, 2015, whitepaper.

Some Pluton Token Statistics:

  • The current price US Dollar: $9.32 per PLU.
  • Total market capital: 10.1 million dollars
  • 24-hour total trading volume: 324,000
  • Rank in terms of market capital: 1093
  • Number of coins in circulation: 1.9 million
  • Total supply of coins: 2 million
  • The token has only seen an upward trend for the last few days.

The origin of PLUTON and uses cases.

Pluton is a digital Ethereum asset (ERC20 token) given to Plutus app users as a reward for utilizing the Plutus Tap & Pay app (making payments with converted Bitcoin or Ether). A proxy conversion to a virtual debit card linked to your account is used to complete the payment process.

Pluton, like Bitcoin and Ethereum on the Plutus app, is an optional way to load your spending balance for products and services. You can make a PLU deposit request, and your order will be matched with a PlutusDEX buyer. Pluton has the advantage of having no fees and almost instantaneous transactions compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Distribution of the PLUTON token

Only a modest number of Plutons (850,000) (4.25%) are available for the first distribution lot. The reason is simple: they were created with a valuable and unique use case in mind: utilizing the Plutus app to pay for everyday items. As a result, they are unique tokens with a practical application.

Pluton will not be distributed to users after the initial distribution because Plutus do not hold them. Plutons will be locked by a smart contract and allocated to the reward system, which will reward users of the Plutus Tap & Pay app with Plutons in exchange for trading Bitcoin and Ether for a virtual debit balance.

How does the Plutus decentralized exchange work in conjunction with the Plutus coin?

The PlutusDEX (a decentralized exchange driven by blockchain technology) governs the rebate emission of Plutons (95.75%) to users, which records each conversion completed on the Plutus app and rewards a limited amount of 3% * in Pluton. Users can then convert their Plutons for free (there will be a cost for Bitcoin and Ether) and use them to pay for everyday items at any debit card or NFC-enabled merchant.

Pluton is listed on the following exchanges:

Do you know where you can buy Pluton at the current rate?

Pluton is only listed on a few exchanges. Here we are trying to provide you top cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading in Pluton stock. These are Huobi Global, KuCoin, Coinbase Exchange, Bitfinex, and HitBTC. And apart from its PlutonDEX, it is listed on the following:

  • BitFinex
  • EToroX
  • KuCoin
  • ProBit Global
  • AscendX
  • 1Inch

The Pluton Reward System

PLUTON has made some outstanding commitments as the first-of-its-kind reward system.

Pluton (PLU) is the world’s first decentralized loyalty rewards token, and it can be earned by utilizing its Visa Debit Card to make purchases.

Unlike traditional reward programs, they are not limited to a specific retailer or store.

  • Plutus Perks are available to you: Plutus Perks will be unlocked if you hold PLU, providing you with additional benefits in addition to the 3% crypto payout.
  • Plutus Card Balance Conversion: Because Plutus Pluton (PLU) has its use-case and fiat value set by external market forces, it can be converted.
  • Stake in Premium/Professional Services: PLU can be used to get a Premium/Pro account and other perks.
  • No Restrictions on Transfer: PLU may be withdrawn and moved across crypto wallets because it is a decentralized token.

How The Pluton Reward Rate Is Articulated? 

The rate at which PLU is emitted to their members is deflationary, which means that as consumption of their services increases, the rate at which PLU is emitted to their member’s drops. Their reward system assures token scarcity, which gives Plutus members more value.

When the PlutusDEX transaction volume grows, the emission rate decreases.


You should now have a good knowledge of the platform after reading this far, and you should now be able to decide if or not investing in Pluton is the correct decision for you to make. We firmly believe that Pluton can prove to be a profitable investment in the near future, which is highly probable to provide you with higher yields while also making it possible that your amount invested might very well improve in value. This is because of what it has to offer, when merged with its achievements in the recent times and its plans for the coming days. Yet, it is worth mentioning that nothing is for certain.

It is important to keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is quite unpredictable and highly unstable. Therefore, it’s crucial that you comprehend the fact that Pluton carries hazards of its own, similar to any other cryptocurrency on the market. If you choose to, you should only invest if you’re prepared to take those chances and endure any unavoidable losses.

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